10 Things I Believe: My Design Philosophy

10 Things I Believe, My Design Philosophy by Kristen McGee Interiors

Starting a project can feel so overwhelming to so many people! Sometimes the best thing to do is tune out the noise and focus on some easy principles that can get the creative juices flowing! Here are 10 things that I believe about any design project! Hopefully these tips can help you get inspired and get past any blocks that may have you stumped as to where to begin!

  1. The best design trend to follow is to IGNORE the trends and showcase what you love in your space.
  2. Life’s too short to have boring spaces.
  3. I believe that your house should tell a story.
  4. Every home deserves a few good antiques.
  5. You should add a touch of black to every room.
  6. Curating your space should be fun, not stressful!
  7. Art is personal and can take the longest to select.
  8. The biggest design risk you take usually ends up being the best part.
  9. Every home deserves a touch of wallpaper.
  10. You should have fun using color. 

Also, I am here for you whenever you need a design guide for your project!